Twitter vs. Instagram

Twitter is a very useful social network in regards to world news. If you would like to find out news about a certain subject you just have to follow the account. News is posted on the home page on a daily basis. You don’t even have to go to the account because it keeps you updated on the home page. It is limited to 140 text characters so it makes it easy to find out news quick. A con to Twitter is that it doesn’t always tell you all of the information about something so you have to look it up on the Internet if you want to find out more information.

Instagram is also a very useful social network in regards to world news but it is not as useful as Twitter. Instagram posts pictures and does have a comment section but it is more about the picture than it is the comment. It is meant for sharing pictures about events. The comments section on Instagram is helpful but you have to click on “view all comments” to see all of the comments and that takes time to read through all the comments.¬†Traditional media is slowly becoming less and less popular. Now that people can just use their phone or iPad to look something up there is no point of buying a newspaper. Also social media is taking over and is keeping people updated about things happening around the world. You can find out information faster than looking through a newspaper.


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