I believe that MOOCs do work. According to an article it says “The number of students taking advantage of all these MOOCs is in the millions.” (Allard) Even though they are not receiving credit for it they are still taking these. It shows that they are a really good way to learn and get more educated. Even though only about ten percent of students actually complete the MOOC, some are just using it like a textbook and getting the information that they need. (Simonite)

According to another article it says “After two years of hype, breathless proclamations about how Udacity will transform higher education, Silicon Valley blindness to existing learning research, and numerous articles/interviews featuring Sebastian Thrun, Udacity has failed.” Since the MOOCs are free for anyone they are making no money. People are able to get educated on something that they could be paying at a college. (Usher, 2013)

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