Illegal Downloading

Illegal downloading is not a victimless crime. No matter what, you are doing something that is illegal and it is against the law. According to an article it says, “When people commit illegal downloads, this means that intellectual property has been taken without the lawful owner’s permission.” (Goessl, 2009) Many people try to say that buying music is too expensive but that still does not give the right to illegally download. If you really want to download a song you should just pay for it.

I believe that illegal downloading is stealing. You are doing something against the law. You are downloading something that you are supposed to be paying money for. If you can not afford to pay it then you should just not download it. According to an article it says, “Do you own the rights to the things you download? No? Then, according to the law, you are a THIEF.” (Mori, 2007) Illegal downloading can result in a lot of trouble with the law so if you are going to do it you should think twice.

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