I believe that when you post photos online you are making it easier for someone to research you or someone you know. For example when you post photos to Facebook you are posting information under your name. If someone wanted to find you on the Internet all they have to do is search your name and whatever you post will show up usually. Many people are not getting hired for a job because of pictures they have posted online. Just by typing someone’s name in Google you can find anything that person has posted.

    I believe that with inventions such as Google glass there will be an increase in the crowdsourcing of surveillance. I think that this is a good and bad thing. It is a good feature because it will make people think twice about doing something dangerous that will harm others because they will get caught. It is bad because it is invading people’s privacy. You shouldn’t have to worry about being on camera every time you go out in public. I don’t think that it is ok to be able to record a private conversation. I do not believe that Google glass is necessary because we already have cell phones that can do many similar things.


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