Digital Shadow

Digital Shadow is a website that gives away information on your Facebook page. It shows who you interact with, who looks at your profile and many other things. It also guesses where you live based off of locations you have posted. This website predicts which type of personality traits you have based off of words you use.

I think that Twitter might be a better example coded by professional data miners. People tend to post more information on Twitter because that is what it is meant for whereas Facebook can be meant for many different things. Also people use Twitter a lot more today than Facebook. When I looked at my Facebook information on Digital Shadow it showed old pictures and information because I do not go on Facebook very much.

When I logged into Facebook on Digital Shadow I realized that anything that I do online can be seen. Even if your Facebook account is private you are still sharing information that everyone can see. I did not realize that information can be revealed that easily. What you post online says a lot about yourself.


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