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Digital Shadow

Digital Shadow is a website that gives away information on your Facebook page. It shows who you interact with, who looks at your profile and many other things. It also guesses where you live based off of locations you have posted. This website predicts which type of personality traits you have based off of words you use.

I think that Twitter might be a better example coded by professional data miners. People tend to post more information on Twitter because that is what it is meant for whereas Facebook can be meant for many different things. Also people use Twitter a lot more today than Facebook. When I looked at my Facebook information on Digital Shadow it showed old pictures and information because I do not go on Facebook very much.

When I logged into Facebook on Digital Shadow I realized that anything that I do online can be seen. Even if your Facebook account is private you are still sharing information that everyone can see. I did not realize that information can be revealed that easily. What you post online says a lot about yourself.



    I believe that when you post photos online you are making it easier for someone to research you or someone you know. For example when you post photos to Facebook you are posting information under your name. If someone wanted to find you on the Internet all they have to do is search your name and whatever you post will show up usually. Many people are not getting hired for a job because of pictures they have posted online. Just by typing someone’s name in Google you can find anything that person has posted.

    I believe that with inventions such as Google glass there will be an increase in the crowdsourcing of surveillance. I think that this is a good and bad thing. It is a good feature because it will make people think twice about doing something dangerous that will harm others because they will get caught. It is bad because it is invading people’s privacy. You shouldn’t have to worry about being on camera every time you go out in public. I don’t think that it is ok to be able to record a private conversation. I do not believe that Google glass is necessary because we already have cell phones that can do many similar things.


Globalization has many benefits. Many say that more jobs are created. There is more competition between companies. Companies and consumers can get products from other countries. (Collins, 2010) According to an article it says, “Export jobs often pay more than other jobs.” Standards of living have also increased. (“The pros and,” 2000)

There are many problems with globalization too. In an article it says, “The general complaint about globalization is that it has made the rich richer while making the non-rich poorer. It is wonderful for managers and investors, but hell on workers and nature.” (Collins, 2010) Some say that other countries are being taken over by America. Many Americans have lost jobs and when they get a new job it usually pays less. (“The pros and,” 2000)

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Information on the Internet

Digital Security is defined as “The precautions that all technology users must take to guarantee their personal safety and the security of their network.” (Laub, 2013) I think that people should be allowed to know when there is a digital security failure. If it is their information being leaked then they have every right to know what is going on.

I believe that as a consumer we have every right to know if our ‘private’ information has been accessed. Even if it is the smallest amount of information I believe that we have every right to know. It is personal information and we need to be aware of what is going on. According to an article it says, “If a person or an organization holds personal information about you then you have rights under the Privacy Act.” (“Official information: Your,”)

I am less likely to shop online now knowing how easily our information can be accessed. It is not worth having to deal with all of that. I did not realize that our information can be easily accessed and that we are not always notified when something like that happens. In order for me to change my opinion I would have to get proof that the information that I am sharing when online shopping is not being shared. I would like to know that it is being only used for what I am buying and not for other reasons.

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Illegal Downloading

Illegal downloading is not a victimless crime. No matter what, you are doing something that is illegal and it is against the law. According to an article it says, “When people commit illegal downloads, this means that intellectual property has been taken without the lawful owner’s permission.” (Goessl, 2009) Many people try to say that buying music is too expensive but that still does not give the right to illegally download. If you really want to download a song you should just pay for it.

I believe that illegal downloading is stealing. You are doing something against the law. You are downloading something that you are supposed to be paying money for. If you can not afford to pay it then you should just not download it. According to an article it says, “Do you own the rights to the things you download? No? Then, according to the law, you are a THIEF.” (Mori, 2007) Illegal downloading can result in a lot of trouble with the law so if you are going to do it you should think twice.

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I believe that MOOCs do work. According to an article it says “The number of students taking advantage of all these MOOCs is in the millions.” (Allard) Even though they are not receiving credit for it they are still taking these. It shows that they are a really good way to learn and get more educated. Even though only about ten percent of students actually complete the MOOC, some are just using it like a textbook and getting the information that they need. (Simonite)

According to another article it says “After two years of hype, breathless proclamations about how Udacity will transform higher education, Silicon Valley blindness to existing learning research, and numerous articles/interviews featuring Sebastian Thrun, Udacity has failed.” Since the MOOCs are free for anyone they are making no money. People are able to get educated on something that they could be paying at a college. (Usher, 2013)

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